About the Artist


Brucie Holler, a South Carolina native, received a BA in painting from Florida State University and did graduate work at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore. She then moved to Telluride, Colorado and worked for five years teaching and serving as Director of Exhibitions for the Ah Haa School for the Arts, a non-profit art school. She has studied with a variety of internationally known artists including Richard Smith, Mario Martinez and Truman Lowe among others and has shown her work in galleries in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and Colorado. She moved back to South Carolina in 1997 where she maintains a studio and paints full-time.

Artist Statement
As a non-representational painter, I am interested in exploring the source of inspiration. How do we walk through our lives, experiencing day to day moments, absorbing beauty, responding to nature, language, music, or life itself, and translate that into authentic, personal, transcendent art? What drives me as a painter is honing in on that inspiration, channeling it and then creating spaces and moments of contemplation and beauty through color, line and form.

Murmurations Series
For the past ten years, I have had two constant sources of inspiration, the natural world and language. Whether it was a line from a poem or haiku, language has been a very compelling point of departure when considering a body of work. Murmurations, swirling flocks of starlings, combine the natural world and my fascination with language into one incredible source of inspiration. As a non-objective painter, this body of work became an ongoing process of responding to and translating the phenomenon of murmurations - uplifting energy, air, weightlessness, wind and wildness juxtaposed with spaces of calm and gravity - poetry in motion. And as these paintings are primarily devoid of color, the line and what happens between those lines and forms become the focus.